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October 2017

#1 pick for readers and fans of Hunger Games and Divergent – a spine-tingling mix of fantasy, action and thriller in a tale with a distinctive new spin.

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The Beginning


When Alex Leran moves to a bizarre northern town no one talks about, her life takes a thrilling and terrifying turn. She is sent to a new school – a unique institution for the most powerful elite on Earth. These chosen ones possess the power that has no equal, the peculiar abilities that only gods used to have. Being confronted by them, she suddenly catches the attention of two indisputable favorites: their dark, alluring leader and her handsome, mysterious male cousin.
An orphan and an outsider, a witness to their indifference and cruelty toward other students, she decides to stand up for her friends. While secrets about her origins are catching up to her and with ruthless foes waiting around every corner, she finds herself balancing precariously between a fundamental instinct to survive and her forbidden, perilous rebellion against the system, which, in turn, will do anything to persist.
Without really meaning to, she becomes a new hope. The last one, perhaps. But nobody is safe, and being forced to start making tough choices, she still does not know the whole story. After all, the incredible power of the Red ones must be trained through brutal, terrifying means…

Because the Games have never been so cruel.


Lupus Constellation. Walking in the Dark

2nd book - walking in the dark (cropped)