Ink&Papercuts’ review of “Lupus Constellation. The Beginning”

I was extremely fortunate to meet this great blogger and a very talented writer – Augustine of Elsinore.

Her verdict:

Tavor’s first installment of the Lupus Constellation series is bound to amaze the readers due to its alluring yet dark fictional world. Tavor has written a contemporary YA novel worthy of international recognition–the shelves of every fantasy reader are incomplete if they do not include The Beginning.

[…] Tavor’s novel promises an intense journey which, despite disturbing at times, it is addictive and mesmerizing all at once. Her fiction deserves to be featured prominently next to bestselling series of similar genres as Divergent by Veronica Roth or The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Claire. Fantasy lurks until the very last page–though not central, the author cleverly conceals and preserves its unique nature in order to focus on Alex and her coming-of-age journey.”

Read the full version of her review of “Lupus Constellation. The Beginning” on her blog “Ink & Papercuts”!