“Lupus Constellation” sheds some light on story’s darkest sides…

My exclusive interview for Ink & Papercuts about the “Lupus Constellation” series: sources of inspiration, the sequel and everything that has remained untold…

Q: Could you delineate your writing process? Do you come up with a draft or do you simply start writing and brainstorming at the same time?

A: I remember the moment I first opened my laptop and stared blankly at a white page in front of me. The only thing I had back then was a strong desire to write a story, but all those ideas were still vague in my head. Until the very last moment, I had no clue what this story would be. The words seemed to have been pouring out of me, forming sentences and passages, chapter after chapter, on the screen of my computer, and the characters slowly emerged in my head, each growing and gaining his or her own personality. 

This and many more in “Spilling ink with Mia Tavor


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