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Lupus Constellation. The Beginning (Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Romance, Book 1)

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When Alex Leran moves to a bizarre Canadian town no one talks about, her life changes forever. She makes an inconceivable revelation: she belongs to a unique race blessed by the stars. These Chosen ones possess the power that has no equal, the peculiar abilities that only gods used to have. Strong and imperious, with their rule stretching farther than anyone can imagine, they impose their authority with an iron fist. Young and rebellious, Alex thinks it unjust, as she stands up to tyrannical system, which now regards her a threat. In the world of the Red ones nobody is safe, and caught between their dark, alluring leader and her mysterious, seductive cousin, she still does not know the whole story. After all, the incredible power of the gifted ones comes at a high price…


June 15, 2018

Lupus Constellation. Walking in the Dark ( Book 2) – now available for pre-order on Amazon

Book 2 modern

Lupus Constellation. Tears of the Stars (Book 3)

Lupus Constellation. Book 4 (Part 1 & Part 2)

Lupus Constellation. Book 5

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