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October 2017

Lupus Constellation. The Beginning

The Beginning

The students at Alex’s new school are divided by color. The yellow ones are servants, blue ones are supporters, and the reds are the arrogant rulers.

Having lost her parents in a tragic car accident, fifteen-year-old Alex moves in with relatives she has never met in a bizarre northern town. She discovers secrets about her origins and the startling abilities that the people in the town possess. Struggling with her grief, the rebellious girl faces the incredible cruelty and indifference that reign at the school, where a strictly observed hierarchy separates those destined to rule from those doomed to serve.

The rules are tough, especially for a girl who is used to breaking them. But trying to survive all alone in the new, dangerous environment, she still does not know the whole story. After all, the incredible power of the red ones must be trained through brutal, terrifying means…

[Because the games have never been so cruel]

Cracked metal background




Lupus Constellation. Walking in the Dark

2nd book - walking in the dark (cropped)


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